Thomas Blue

Emeritus Professor - Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Thomas E. Blue is a Professor of Nuclear Engineering and the Director of the Ohio State University Nuclear Reactor Lab (OSU NRL).  He is a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society.  He has 70 publications in archival journals, and over 160 in refereed proceedings.  His current research interests include space nuclear systems, advanced nuclear reactor instrumentation, including semiconductor sensors, and static and dynamic characterization of radiation-induced degradation of semiconductor power devices, radiation hardness testing, fiber optics, and radiation protection.   

As Director of the Ohio State University Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, presently much of Dr. Blue’s research involves the OSU Research Reactor (OSURR).  The OSURR is a pool‑type reactor that is utilized for a variety of instructional, research, and service activities. It is licensed to operate at thermal powers up to a maximum of 500 kilowatts.  At this maximum power, the average thermal neutron flux in the core is approximately 5x1012 n/cm2/s. The reactor is immersed in a pool of light water that provides moderation and cooling by natural convective flow. In addition to the reactor, the OSU NRL houses a professional gamma-ray spectroscopy system that is used for neutron activation analysis (NAA) and two gamma irradiators.  The facility is used for a wide range of research endeavors, including NAA, radiation-damage evaluation for electronic components and for other materials, evaluation of neutron and radiation sensitive detectors, isotope production, and biomedical experiments.

  • Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, University of Michigan
  • M.S. in Nuclear Science, University of Michigan
  • B.S. in Physics, Miami University

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